‘At the beginning I had no idea what or where this course will take me, now at the end I have to say that it was an incredible experience where I learn a lot about administration and how to behave in an office. I will recommend this course to anyone needs a guidance. The tutor had an important/essential part in it. And I am so grateful for the time I spent in this class. Thank you [Tutor]!!’  M.V. J.

‘I enjoyed being a part of the classroom. I really enjoyed the lessons with [my Tutor]. Learned about what’s the role/duties of Admin. Learned about [how] to maintain your dignity, health and safety. I’ve found out more about how to find a job online. Learned about typing practise on Google. Learned about [how] to contribute your opinion in the group or as a team. I just enjoyed sitting in the classroom and listening to others by the same time learning new skills. I’ll recommend to my friends or family 100%.’  L.C.

‘I have learnt a lot from this course. I am happy to attend. My understanding of social care has been simplified, broadened. My tutor made the classes enjoyable every week. Assignments were easy to complete.  I would recommend that anyone who wants to work in care should do a level 1 Adult Care Course. I would definitely recommend the Islington Adult Learning Community centre’s care course to anyone.’  O.A.  (This learner started work in an adult social care setting on completion of the course.)

‘This course has made me feel more confident and give me the best tools to help me get a job. It has helped me to know how to answer the questions they ask me now. I won’t land myself in it. I would recommend the course to anyone. [The Tutor] is a brilliant teacher if you want to come and forward your career.’ A. T.

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