Weekly outline

  • Hello and welcome!

    On this course you will: 

    • work individually, in pairs and in groups to develop language skills and confidence, 
    • practise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to help you in your everyday life and work,
    • use the internet and other technology to develop language skills.

  • This section contains all teaching resources for the course and is only available to tutors and staff. Learners do not have access to this section.

  • Week 1

    This week is about:

    1. giving you induction information about your Islington Adult Community Learning (ACL) course.
    2. getting information from you to create your Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

  • Week 2

    This week is about:

    1. understanding your learning style 
    2. completing a diagnostic assessment of your English skills  
    3. demonstrating your understanding  of the Week 1 topics with a Week 1 quiz 

    • How do you learn best?  By listening? By doing? By speaking?  Try this short questionnaire to understand your learning style.  Give your results to your tutor.

    • This assessment is to check your language skills at Entry Level 2.  To help your tutor to get a good understanding of your abilities, you may be asked later to do some parts at Entry Level 3

    • This quiz will check how much you understood of the information we covered in week one.

      To find the answers jump to Week 1 and have a look ... 

  • Week 3

    This week is about:

    1. completing your second diagnostic assessment at Entry level 3.  This will help your tutor to better understand your skills levels.
    • To make sure we finish all of our assessments this week, we will be doing this ESOL E3 Diagnostic Assessment together in class.

  • Week 4

    This week is about:

    1. you reading about other countries and writing about your own.

    • This lesson's group activity is similar to the Learning Styles Quiz you did individually in Week 2.
    • This activity is about life in different countries.

  • Week 5

    This week is a catch-up week.

    We will be reviewing the last four weeks and making sure everyone has finished all of the activities.

  • Week 6

  • Week 7

  • Week 8